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Traxxas Scale Blast Boat Remote Control, Multi-Color, 1/10

The Taxes blast is engineered to be fast, reliable, and easy to drive. The installed water cooling system for the motor helps keeps the blast cool for longer run times and all day fun. With the waterproof, fully proportional Nautica electronic speed control, waterproof high-torque Servo, and the patented watertight receiver box, the lakeside fun doesn't end early because of wet radio gear. The blast is always ready to make waves with its stable 24-inch deep-v hull, a stylish hatch, fresh new graphics and powerful water-cooled stinger 20-turn modified motor. The steerable Outdrive with adjustable trim deliver precise control and high-performance tuning options. Blast delivers Taxes speed, fun, and quality with a feature list you might not expect from such an affordable boat. The price makes it easy to double the fun by purchasing two for realistic Off-Shore racing action. With the TQ 2.4GHz radio system, you just switch on and drive. There are no channels or frequencies to manage, so the focus is on having fun. The TQ's ergonomic design is comfortable for all-day driving, and its sleek lines are enhanced by an internal antenna that is impervious to damage. The steerable Outdrive and surface piercing prop work together with the specially designed hull to keep the blast on a solid course, even during the most radical wave thrashing. It's exciting action in a swimming pool and powerful fun on the open water. Best of all, the blast is fully-assembled and ready-to-run with the radio system and electronic speed control installed. You'll be challenged by the waves, not an assembly manual. Blast's colorful decals and simple operation get you out on the water and having fun, fast!.

Traxxas Scale Blast Boat Remote Control - Multi-Color - 1 10 Features

  1. Factory applied decals and sleek new styling
  2. Includes 7.2V NiMH power Cell battery with ID and DC 12V charger
  3. Sealed receiver box, waterproof Nautica speed control, and waterproof high-torque servo
  4. Installed water cooling system for motor

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