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Traxxas 1/10 Scale E-Revo Brushless Racing Monster Truck, Green

There is no other monster truck like E-Revo. It embodies the highest level of creativity in design and engineering that unleashed a stunning array of new technology, new innovation, and unheard of speed that reset every benchmark for racing monster truck performance. Now there is a new generation of E-Revo. This new E-Revo retains all the benefits of its original ground-breaking, award-winning design, but fortifies them with brute strength and an intense, take-no-prisoners attitude to deliver what is simply the ultimate 6s monster. Get ready for a whole new level of power, strength, and speed. Taking inspiration from its big brother X-Maxx, E-Revo’s drive system has evolved to meet today’s demands for punishing 6s performance. Jump higher. Rip harder. E-Revo comes out of the box ready to attack, ready for wherever your imagination takes you. E-Revo’s over-the-top power can sometimes land you upside down. Traxxas’ exclusive Self-Righting system keeps the fun going with minimal interruption. Simply press a button on the transmitter and, in most circumstances, E-Revo will be back on its wheels in just seconds. Armed with a fortified drivetrain, E-Revo’s VXL-6spower system now pounds out more tire-scorching motivation than ever before, all the way to 70+ mph. Advanced design and sophisticated microprocessor control make this the most punchy and reliable high-voltage VXL power system ever. Traxxas Extreme Power is the new normal and E-Revo comes ready for any challenge.
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Traxxas E-Revo VXL 1/16-Scale 4WD Racing Monster Truck with TQi 2.4 GHz

Traxxas E-Revo VXL 1 16-Scale 4WD Racing Monster Truck with TQi 2.4 GHz Radio & TSM - Blue
The 1/16 Revo VXL is about half the size of the 1/10-scale E-Revo. Don't call it a "mini" though; this is a whole new category of R/C performance. Beneath the Race Replica polycarbonate shell, you'll find the suspension technology of the champion Traxxas Revo. The 1/16 E-Revo VXL is built on the proven innovation of the E-Revo. The F1-inspired, rocker-actuated suspension has been adapted to 1/16 scale with its performance intact. Threaded, oil-filled GTR shocks combine with the semi-monologue chassis to surpass anything else in the “mini” category. New Traxxas Stability Management allows arrow-straight acceleration on slippery surfaces without loss of control. TSM also makes high speed cornering corrections in the background for you, without unexpected side effects. Some models are "fast for a mini," but the 1/16 E-Revo VXL is just plain fast. At 30+mph with the included 6-cell NiMH battery, E-Revo VXL is nearly twice as fast as most mini models. Install a second 6-cell battery and the top speed jumps to over 50mph! Waterproof electronics ensure that the 1/16 Revo VXL doesn’t slow down for rain, mud, or puddles. The VXL-3m ESC and Velineon 380 motor represent the latest in brushless technology. Fully LiPo compatible with for 2S and 3S packs and rated for 6-12 NiMH cells, this powerful combo gives E-Revo VXL blistering top speed. Patented Training Mode lets new drivers hone their skills at 50% throttle until they are ready to unlock full power. The TQi 2.4GHz transmitter is fully adjustable and can be equipped with a Bluetooth module that turns your Android, iPad iPhone or iPod touch (sold separately) into a powerful tuning tool. Automatic model recognition instantly recalls your settings for up to 30 Traxxas Link-enabled models. The 1/16 E-Revo VXL is fully assembled and comes with a Traxxas iD Power Cell NiMH battery and 2-amp 12-volt DC fast charger. As with all Traxxas vehicles, skilled customer support is only a phone call or email away.
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Traxxas E-Revo: 1/16-Scale 4WD Racing Monster Truck with TQ 2.4GHz Radio

Traxxas E-Revo: 1 16-Scale 4WD Racing Monster Truck with TQ 2.4GHz Radio - Black
The 1/16 E-Revo is about half the size of the 1/10-scale E-Revo, but still delivers all the quality and capability you expect from Traxxas. Beneath the factory-finished polycarbonate shell, you'll find the suspension technology of the eight-time National Champion Traxxas Revo. The huge torque of the 1/16 Revo’s Titan 550 motor provides unstoppable performance! The Titan's cooling fan pulls air through the motor for faster speeds, longer runtime, and extended motor life. The XL-2.5 Electronic Speed Control offers three drive profiles, low voltage detection, thermal shutdown protection, and gold-plated connectors. The 1/16 E-Revo is built on the innovation of the larger Revo models. The Revo's F1-inspired, rocker-actuated suspension has been expertly adapted to 1/16 scale with all its functionality and performance intact. The suspension and electronics are fully integrated into the semi-monocoque chassis design that debuted with the E-Revo. With the TQ 2.4GHz radio system, you just switch on a drive. The TQ 2.4GHz radio system's ergonomic design is comfortable for all-day driving and its internal antenna is impervious to damage. E-Revo is equipped with fully waterproof electronics to keep the fun rolling in water, mud, and snow. The sealed receiver box houses Traxxas' 2.4GHz receiver and can accept aftermarket receivers as well. The XL-2.5 electronic speed control and high-torque, digital micro servo are also sealed against the elements. The 1/16 E-Revo is fully assembled with a painted body and pre-glued tires. An iD-Equipped Traxxas Power Cell NiMH battery and 2amp 12-volt peak detecting DC fast charger are also included, making the 1/16 E-Revo Ready-To-Race. The potent Power Cell pack features heavy-duty construction, 16-gauge wires and patented Traxxas High-Current Connectors. Traxxas backs the 1/16 E-Revo with top-notch support. A staff of skilled representatives is on-hand to answer your questions via phone, website, or e-mail.
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Hot Racing ERVT505F06 50mm Monster Blower Motor Cooling Fan Kit Traxxas

Hot Racing ERVT505F06 50mm Monster Blower Motor Cooling Fan Kit Traxxas E-Revo 2
This is the Hot Racing Monster Blower clip-on universal heat sink and fan for the Traxxas E-Maxx, E-Revo 2.0, or any other custom projectFEATURES: - Forced airflow over motor heat sink to increase cooling for improved efficiency and performance- Large 50x50x10.3mm 7-blade fan- Clip-on design for simple installation- Black and Blue anodized aluminum heat sink provides efficient heat transfer- Adapter with Traxxas-style connectors- 24AWG silicone wireYOU WILL RECEIVE: - One (1) clip-on heat sink with fan- One (1) Traxxas-style adapter connectorREQUIREMENTS: - Installation- Recommended to loosen fan screws during installation, then tighten again after installation. This will help minimize tweaking and binding the fan. - Medium strength thread lock (e. g. blue Loctite) on fan mount screws- Ensure fan blades are protected- This system uses a Traxxas-style connector. If your system uses another type of connector you'll have to switch connectors or use an adapter. See Hot Racing MH505F02 for equivalent system with a Deans-style connectorSPECIFICATIONS: - Fan Size: 50x50x10.3mm- Input Voltage: 11.1V (12V max)- Fits motors with a can diameter of 1.6 inches (40mm)COMMENTS: - Replacement Hot Racing 50x50x10.3mm fan is MH505F
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Traxxas 1/10 E-Revo Chassis & Battery Doors 5622X

Traxxas 1 10 E-Revo Chassis & Battery Doors 5622X
his Product Includes: Summit Chassis (Part # 5622X) Battery Door Compartment (Part # 5627) Four (4) Battery Compartment Vents (Part # 5628) Two (2) Retainer Clips (Part # 5629) 4 screw (Part #2551)
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RPM 73622 ESC Cage for Castle Mamba Monster X, Mamba Monster 2 and Traxx

RPM 73622 ESC Cage for Castle Mamba Monster X - Mamba Monster 2 and Traxxas MXL - Black
The RPM ESC Cage is designed to simplify ESC installation and maintenance of the E-Maxx, E-Revo and Summit, as well as adding versatility by allowing quick removal of the ESC. Our cage encases the ESC body only, leaving the ESC fan free to do its job. Furthermore, we left air channels along both sides of the ESC to allow air movement along the sides of the case, helping to keep the ESC cool. With the stock Traxxas ESC, there’s no solid mount available when you need to remove the ESC fan, like when you’re running in the wet or in the snow. That’s not a problem with the RPM ESC Cage. Simply remove two screws, unhook the fan, reinstall those two screws and you’re off; with the solid assurance RPM’s Cage is still holding tight to that valuable Castle ESC. We include a separate on / off switch mount that bolts directly to our cage in one of two locations for extra versatility. Since the switch attaches to the cage, no extra time is needed to remove it during maintenance or if you decide to swap the ESC between vehicles. Our ESC Cage fits the Castle Mamba Monster X and Mamba Monster 2 ESCs, as well as the Traxxas MXL-6S ESC and fits in the stock location on the Traxxas E-Maxx, E-Revo and Summit. Each RPM ESC Cage is manufactured from our ridiculously tough blend of engineering grade nylons for a lifetime of worry-free performance. Each cage is molded in black and backed by our limited lifetime warranty against breakage. Tech Notes: The RPM ESC Cage for the Mamba Monster 2 and Mamba Monster X series ESCs works with Castle #010-0108-00, # 010-0108-01, # 010-0108-02, # 010-0145-00, # 010-0145-01 and # 010-0145-02 as well as the Traxxas MXL-6S ESC #3377. It has not been tested to fit on the original version of the Mamba Monster ESC. While our ESC Cage will fit a variety of applications, they have been tested and guaranteed to fit the following Traxxas vehicles in stock form only – E-Maxx, E-Revo and Summit.
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Powerhobby Aluminum Motor Heatsink + Cooling Fan For 1/8 Size Motors Gun

Powerhobby Aluminum Motor Heatsink + Cooling Fan For 1 8 Size Motors Gun fits : Castle Creations 2200kv + 2650KV Motors - Dynamite - Hpi - Novak - Trinity - Arrma Nero - Kraton - Fazon - Outcast - Tekin -
Powerhobby Aluminum Motor Heatsink + Cooling Fan For 1/8 Size Motors Gun Fits : Most 1/8 Truggies / Trucks / Buggies / Cars and 1/10 Monster Trucks such as Traxxas Summit / E-Revo / E-Maxx Pefect fit for motors from Castle Creations 2650kv / 2200kv, Hobbywing, Dynmaite, Arrma, Tekin, Hpi and many more OVERVIEW :- Heat is the enemy, especially when it comes to electric motors. - Keep your temperatures in check and your motor running efficient and cool with our Motor Heatsink with Twin Cooling Fan. - The motor heatsink clips right onto your 1/8 Sized motor, and features an anodized coating and multiple heatsink fins for added cooling surface area. - The cooling fan is powered through a standard 2-pin Rx plug. NOTE:  - All heatsink cooling fans, unless specified otherwise, are designed to be powered by DC voltage only between 5.0V and no more than 6.0V MAXIMUM! - If you choose to power our cooling fans with voltage exceeding 6.0V you are doing so at your own risk! - Please make sure that your power source (battery pack, receiver, etc.) is able to supply consistent voltage no lower than 5.0V and no higher than 6.0V. - If powering from an ESC, check with the ESC manufacturer to make sure if your ESC is capable of providing enough auxiliary power to handle the added load of extra cooling fans; some ESCs that have built-in fans may not be able to reliably power any additional cooling fans. Includes : One Cooling Fan
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Apex RC 3 LED 55mm Aluminum Light Bar Fits Traxxas 1/16 Teton, 1/16 Summ

Apex RC 3 LED 55mm Aluminum Light Bar Fits Traxxas 1 16 Teton - 1 16 Summit - 1 16 E-Revo - Redcat 1 18 Volcano - ECX 1 18 Temper - 1 18 Rukus - 1 10 AMP Desert Buggy - 1 10 Boost Buggy & More #9040
Apex RC Products is a company of radio control hobby enthusiasts that creates and carries products we use ourselves. All of our products are high quality at a great value.
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Duratrax Six Pack MT 3.8" RC Monster Truck Tires with Foam Inserts,

Duratrax Six Pack MT 3.8
This is a pair of Duratrax 3.8 Six Pack MT Tires mounted to Black 6-Spoke 12mm Offset Wheels. FEATURES: Fits the front and rear of the Traxxas E-Revo, Summit and T-Maxx Sport (CS) compound General purpose tire suitable for loose dry and loamy,.
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Toe Links Aluminum Red: 1/16 E-Revo, 1/16 Summit, 1/16 Monster Jam

Toe Links Aluminum Red: 1 16 E-Revo - 1 16 Summit - 1 16 Monster Jam
Traxxas Aluminum Toe Links (Red) 1/16 E-REVO
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