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Traxxas 5137 Differential Oil, 50K Weight

Traxxas 5137 Differential Oil - 50K Weight
Traxxas performance differential oils make it easy to increase or decrease the limited slip action of the gear differential. Depending on the track conditions, altering the limited slip capability can enhance turning performance for faster exit speeds. Higher weights result in more differential locking action. Try multiple weights to find the best combination for your needs. Use Traxxas stock and hop-up replacement parts to get the most out of your Traxxas RTR vehicles. This product is made from high quality materials and designed for long-lasting performance. This is replacement hardware for use on Traxxas vehicles; consult your user's manual for exact parts listings.
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Ruixunte 4X RC 1:8 Monster Truck Bigfoot Tires Wheel Rim Tyre For TRAXXA

Ruixunte 4X RC 1:8 Monster Truck Bigfoot Tires Wheel Rim Tyre For TRAXXAS Summit HPI
Specification : Model:26401 Fit:1:8 Bigfoot Tyre:Rubber Wheel Hub:Original Insertion:Foam Diameter:160/100mm (With/Without Tires) Width:80mm Drive Hex:17mm Note:The tire is not glued on rim. It's mounted on rim with foam inserted. High performance rubber tires must be glued to the wheel by yourself.
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Summit DIFFERENTIAL 5680 (diff, Gearbox T-LOCK, Traxxas 5607 front or re

Summit DIFFERENTIAL 5680 (diff - Gearbox T-LOCK - Traxxas 5607 front or rear by Traxxas
This is a replacement Front or Rear 2 Speed Differential for the Traxxas Summit 1/10
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Traxxas Exocage, 1/16 Summit (Includes Mounting Hardware)

Traxxas Exocage - 1 16 Summit (Includes Mounting Hardware)
Traxxas was started in 1986 with an idea for what was at that time an entirely new concept for a fully assembled, hobby-class R/C car. This new car would have all the same benefits of a hobby-class kit such as replaceable parts, hop-ups, and a high-quality component radio system, however it would be fully assembled with a colorful body, right out of the box. Traxxas coined the term "Ready-To-Run" (RTR) to describe this new class. Since a fully assembled, ready-to-run car would appeal to the entry-level beginner, a toll-free customer support line was set up from day one to service an entirely new category of hobby consumer. At first, acceptance of the RTR concept was slow because traditional R/C kits had always been unassembled. Once people realized that a Traxxas RTR had the same performance and quality as the traditional R/C kits, only that they didn't have to build it, the ready-to-run car was a runaway hit! A kit version would still be offered for those who still wanted to have the building experience.
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Traxxas Summit 1/16 Scale Front and Rear Suspension Arms (8)

Traxxas Summit 1 16 Scale Front and Rear Suspension Arms (8)
This is a replacement set of of Suspension Arms for the Traxxas Summit 1/16 Scale
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Traxxas 5657 Cross Pin and Drive Pin for Driveshafts (set of 4)

Traxxas 5657 Cross Pin and Drive Pin for Driveshafts (set of 4)
This is the 5657 Cross Pin (4)/Drive Pin (4) from Traxxas. Traxxas has grown to become the number-1 selling name in RTR nitro and electric models for the last 4 years running. No one has done more than Traxxas to advance the RTR category with innovative thinking and fun designs that make it easy for anyone to get started in the great R/C hobby. Traxxas, truly the fastest name in Radio Control.
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RPM Summit, Revo and E-Revo Front Left A-arms, Blue

RPM Summit - Revo and E-Revo Front Left A-arms - Blue
In response to repeated customer demands, we have a set of front left A-arms now available for the Traxxas Summit. Our front right A-arms for the Traxxas Revo (reference RPM #80212 & #80215) are already compatible with the Summit but due to the extended T-Lock differential on the left side, our Revo front left A-arms would not fit. That is no longer an issue with these A-arms. With a revamped cross-brace to clear the T-Lock differential, our Summit front left A-arms will allow full RPM Summit & Revo Black Front Left A-arms suspension travel and significantly improve overall suspension durability. RPM front A-arms for the Traxxas Summit are molded from our indestructible blend of engineering grade nylons for unmatched performance and durability. Every RPM molded part in manufactured in the USA and carries with it a limited lifetime warranty against breakage. If you're tired of replacing broken stock parts over and over, give RPM a try.
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Atomik RC Alloy Front Skid Plate, Grey fits the Traxxas 1/10 E-Revo and

Atomik RC Alloy Front Skid Plate - Grey fits the Traxxas 1 10 E-Revo and Other Traxxas Models - Replaces Traxxas Part 5337
Give your Traxxas 1/10 E-Revo the gift of alloy greatness with this Alloy Front Skid Plate, Grey. Atomik RC has a full line of aluminum hop up parts for your Traxxas 1/10 E-Revo, available now in blue, red, and grey/gunmetal.Replaces Traxxas Part No. 5337. Precision CNC Machined Hop Up Part for Factory Spec Fitment. Made from Hardened Billet 6061 Aluminum for Lightweight and Durable Performance.Fits the Following Traxxas Models: Traxxas 1/10 E-Revo, Traxxas Revo 3.3, Traxxas 1/10 Revo, Traxxas 1/10 Summit, Traxxas 1/10 Slayer 4X4.
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Traxxas 7600mAh 7.4V 2-Cell 25C LiPo Battery

Traxxas 7600mAh 7.4V 2-Cell 25C LiPo Battery
Traxxas Certified iD-Equipped LiPo batteries provide the punch and power to reach maximum speed. They come in a full range of capacities and configurations. Traxxas iD-Equipped LiPo batteries are engineered to fit Traxxas models perfectly and maximize their potential. Only Traxxas gives you more of what you want: simple installation, a great price, and the most speed and run time available. The patented Traxxas High-Current connector is the standard for efficiency, ease of use, and high-current handling. The balance leads are integrated into the connector eliminating separate balance wires and connectors as well as external balance boards. The Traxxas High-Current Connector allows current to flow freely with virtually zero voltage loss due to resistance. Large, textured surfaces provide good grip and the reverse-polarity protection makes them virtually impossible to plug in backwards. Shrouded wire connections eliminate the need for heat shrink tubing. Beefy, gold-plated copper terminals with large, spring-loaded contact areas ensure a perfect connection every time. Traxxas iD-Equipped Power Cell LiPo packs use a unique construction that results in a firm, rugged, and compact pack that does not require a hard case. This gives them greater capacity and allows the user to monitor the condition of the battery. Unlike a hard-cased pack, if a Power Cell LiPo "puffs" or softens due to damage or abuse, the user can easily see and feel the change in the pack. Power Cell LiPos are constructed of premium cells with extra-wide discharge tabs to maximize their performance. Power Cell LiPo packs feature low resistance 12-gauge Maxx Cable wire, soldered directly to the LiPo cells to minimize resistance. Traxxas offers the best battery warranty and exchange program available. For the first year, Traxxas will replace any battery found to be defective at no cost. After one year, any Power Cell LiPo battery can be exchanged for a new equivalent for just 50% of the pack's retail price.
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Traxxas Summit 1/10 Tires and Wheels (4) for 17MM Hex Hubs - Blue

Traxxas Summit 1 10 Tires and Wheels (4) for 17MM Hex Hubs - Blue
This is a replacement set of Wheels and Tires 17MM Type for the Traxxas Summit 1/10
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